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Effects and loopers

Brand Reference Price USD Description
Apex AFS1 15.00 Apex footswitch pedal
Apex AFP4 40.00 Apex volume guitar pedal
Marshall P804 50.00 Marshall footswitch
Schertler UNIPEDAL 100.00 Unico Master volume pedal
Voodoo Lab VL-TR 179.00 Voodoo Lab Tremolo - authentic vintage tube amp tremolo sounds from gentle and warm, to machine gun-style insanity all in a single peda
Voodoo Lab VL-SP 179.00 Voodoo lab Sparkle Drive - gives you the dynamic punch of a clean amp, and the sustain and warmth of an overdriven amp, all in a single stompbox
Akai E2 215.00 Akai E2 Headrush Loopbox 16-bit Digital Delay - Delay time from 0.5ms to an astonishing 23.8 seconds maximum - Real-time delay control - sets delay time by tapping footswitch twice - Tape Echo mode with four individual outputs for each head - Looping Recorder with overdub mode
Voodoo Lab VL-MV 219.00 Micro Vibe - Analog - same juicy, swinging tone as the original 1968 Uni-Vibe
Vox Tonelab ST 270.00 Valvetronix modeling
Voodoo Lab VL-PS 279.00 Voodoo Lab pedal switcher - up to 4 pedals or effect loops
Voodoo Lab VL-AS 329.00 Voodoo Lab Amp selector - Up to 4 amps
Voodoo Lab VL-WH 399.00 Voodoo Lab Wahzoo - Combining the finest classic wah tones, a funk-approved Autowah, a unique programmable Stepwah, and true bypass via gold contact relay