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  Back   Bridge   Soundhole   Neckjoint   Left Side   Right Side   Front Headstock   Back Headstock   Extra View

  Body Shape :   Neck Joint :   Bindings :  
  Cutaway :   Material :   Inlays :  
  Top :   Nut :   Tuners :  
  Back/Sides :   Nut width :   Bridge:  
  Bracing :   Scale length:   Saddle:  
        Fingerboard :   Finish :  
        Trussrod :        
  Pick ups :   PLAYER'S STYLE:   MADE IN :  
  Pre-Amp :              

We’re a brick and mortar store and still work an old fashion way. Our instruments are not in a box in a warehouse ready to ship, they are in a showroom and we won’t close a sale without giving all information about them: no bad surprise!

In the case the instrument you’re looking at had sold in the store already (which is really rare: we update our stock online on a daily basis), we would give you an estimate time to get a new one and offer a discount for the delay.

We’ll work all the details of the order with you by e-mail (set up, tuning, different sets of strings, expedite shipping, Lay away etc…) and we’ll send you an electronic invoice through Paypal or Intuit* for order confirmation and payment.

You’ll be charge the very day the instrument is ready to ship, not sooner!

We offer two options for payment, PAYPAL or INTUIT. Through Intuit we can offer you an extra 3% discount on you order if you’re fine paying cash from your bank account. Both transactions will be totally secured.

We may not guarantee the lowest price - yet we do our best to keep our price fair and quite competitive - but we do guarantee the quality of our products and services. All our instruments have been checked, set up by our luthier and are ready to play, which is not already the case when you buy online.

Our prices include also the following benefits: FREE SHIPPING to 48 contiguous states for any ORDER OVER $499; and for those who live around: free annual set-up, 10% discounts on strings, repairs and lessons and a 100% value trade-back for future upgrade. And if you don't find what you want - or if you are ready to wait a little longer - we can place special orders and get you very low prices!

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