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The La Patrie series of classical nylon string acoustic guitars is comprised of seven models: The Motif, Etude, Concert, Concert CW, Presentation, Collection and Hybrid CW . All La Patrie guitars are crafted from top quality tone woods to produce instruments of exceptional resonance and structural integrity. They are produced in the small village of La Patrie, in French Canada and the brand belongs to the Godin company.
Photo Reference Style Body Shape USD Price Description
 Classical Parlor 409.00 A rare and nice combination: a Parlor with Nylon strings - Solid cedar top.
 Classical Classical 409.00 Solid cedar top - Wild Cherry back and sides.
 Classical Classical 595.00 Solid Cedar Top - Laminated Rosewood back and sides.
 Classical Classical 695.00 Solid Cedar Top - Solid Rosewood back and sides - Case option