Gabriel gives guitar lessons, both on nylon and steel strings, and will help you mastering fingerstyle arpeggiosGabriel Deutsch’s musical career has been a diverse one .  In 1997 he was pulled on stage to play guitar with rock band Green Day at Point Fest 9.  During this time, Gabriel was studying finger style blues and blue grass guitar by ear. 

In 2005 he received a BM in classical guitar performance from South East Missouri State University.  During his study, he won the MMTA State-Level Guitar Competition.  From 2006-2008 he received his Master’s Degree in performance and composition from The California Institute of the Arts.  During this time he studied Flamenco with the renowned Miroslav Tadic. 

In 2010, Gabriel Deutsch became guitar faculty at the Academy of Music for the Blind, teaching blind children folk guitar. That same year he was asked to act as a judge in the 2010 Exchange Club Search For Talent, which awarded 9 scholarships to various child music prodigies.  

Gabriel Deutsch has gigged regularly around the greater Los Angeles area including Shamshiri restaurant in Glendale, New Puppy Art Gallery in Eagle Rock and the Creative Music Series in Pasadena.  

Gabriel gives guitar lessons, both on nylon and steel strings, and will help you mastering fingerstyle arpeggios. If you want to work on a particular fingerstyle arrangement, he’ll work through it with you.

Gabriel is also great at teaching guitar to kids. He uses the Suzuki method, the best way to learn to play the instrument and to read the music.



Dean is our ukelele teacher.

Dean Vivirito has been teaching music for nearly ten years and writing and performing for over 2 decades.  He specializes in ukulele, piano and voice.  Dean teaches music theory at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles and he is co-director of The Ukelele Orchestra of the Western Hemisphere in Silverlake.  In 2007 Dean won the first place honor for Best Romantic Narrative Song for his composition "Stranger on a Train" from INSC. 

Whatever your age, whatever your musical goals, Dean is a natural born teacher and he prides himself on fashioning your lessons specifically to you.



Bryan teaches guitar and banjo

" I'm a multi-instrumentalist who has been teaching and performing in the LA area for over 10 years. I like to get people playing songs immediately. I can teach very practical approaches to instruments that are instantly fun or I can give a more in depth examination into technique and music theory. Whatever works for the individual. Music is very rewarding to play so my goal is to help people get to a place of true enjoyment immediately and to encourage them along whatever their musical path will be."