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Right on Straps now at The Fretted Frog

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We're now a Right On Straps dealer. We're carrying their Mojo line. I'm not sure that it relates to the Canaries Islands  hot sauce, but for sure they're bringing some spice to the guitar strap world.

The Mojo line is 100% vegan: they pretty look like leather straps but no animals has suffered for them. They're design is really neat, they're very comfortable with extra padding and 2.5" width and the adjustment system is pretty ingenious. The two pick pockets are a smart little feature too!

Last but not least: they're reasonably priced, from $49.99 to $57.99!

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Lowden guitars @thefrettedfrog - Update

Some online stores are very aggressive on prices on higher end instruments, we just can't compete with a full brick and mortar structure and decided to focus on Lowden original and signature models only. Frankly, it won't break our heart: we're brick and mortar and want players guitars in our store. I can understand the [...]

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Made in the USA ... can't be promoted in California!

I learned the most ridiculous thing today: because of a Californian law, and mainly the loophole seen by some lawyers to sue according to it, a "Made in America" item must be made from 100% US made components. For guitars, the fact of including Japanese made tuners, Chinese made hardware (including fretwire) or any product [...]

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Have you tried the Dojo?

Shame on me! I received the Dojo a few weeks ago: not only I didn't find a room in the store, but I also didn't give it an honest run (just a quick quality control). It's a really great instrument and for a guitar player, a interesting way to venture in Banjo territory. Where the Banjitar (6-string [...]

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How come some guitars are way lower on other websites?

Frankly I hear that quite a bit. Today, we had a BR-43 selling for $479 and you could see one as low as $325 online . Are we doing totally outrageous margins? No, I don't think so. We've put out an online buying guide: http://www.thefrettedfrog.com/buying-online-guide/... It may give you some clue of what's happening online and what [...]

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Sinker Mahogany - some insights from Mark Dalton (Huss & Dalton guitars)

We received our second sinker Mahogany Huss & Dalton yesterday.Here's some insights from  Mark Dalton about this rare tonewood."If you like wood with a story, then it doesn't get any better than this material. This is material from the bottom of Belizean rivers. Belize used to be a British colony. The British exported a lot [...]

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What's "Authorize only"?

You can check out from our website either from Paypal or through our payment partner Stripe that will offer a secure environment. Whatever your choice, we go with Authorization only. What does it mean? When you check out, your credit (or debit) card or Paypal account will reserve the amount of the transaction but you [...]

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How can a store be closed for Black Friday?

From the very start, the Fretted Frog was not meant to be a regular store. Call it snobbish, but we feel we don't fit with the Black Friday frenzy.  We give an unusual selection of instruments, second to none after-sale services (free annual set up and trade up policy on all instruments over $200) and [...]

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Our new website is almost ready

Just few days of testing, and we should be good!

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