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Made in the USA ... can't be promoted in California!

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I learned the most ridiculous thing today: because of a Californian law, and mainly the loophole seen by some lawyers to sue according to it, a "Made in America" item must be made from 100% US made components. For guitars, the fact of including Japanese made tuners, Chinese made hardware (including fretwire) or any product manufactured oustide the US (electronics fro instance...)  can be seen as a reason not to use the "Made in the USA" label, or being sued if you do so. Hopefuly, tonewoods shouldn't be considered as manufactured... (but who knows, with a multi-million dollar claim in mind, skilled lawyers could work this out).

Because of this loophole Martin has change the labels in there guitars: instead of "Made in the USA" it is  " Crafted in Nazareth from components sourced from around the world". Some makers have been sued - and lost - for deceptive advertising ... because they used screws and washers from China. The Federal request is   fairly simple: A product that is "Made in America" has to be assembled, and most of the cost of making the product incurred, in the United States. But the Califronia law goes down to the sub-assembly level...

My take on this? It's not a loophole, but another attempt from powerful corporations to blur the lines and avoid any attempt to market "made in America" items, vs the load of crap they get made overseas. On that behalf, maybe we could sue Made in China manufacturers because not 100% of the guitar is actually made in China!

It's not only sad but totally disgusting that we can't promote Brands that make their best efforts to keep production in the USA. We may not be able to promote "Made in the USA" but can still promote USA production and assembling based in the USA by the following makers we represent: Bedell, Larrivee, Weber, Magic Fluke, Goodtime, Deering, Huss and Dalton. Thanks for them to keep luthiers employed in the US (and thanks to all who keep some production in the US: Cordoba, Guild, Kala, Goldtone).

Now, if we want to play safe, we may put a sticker "Made on Earth" on the guitars...

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