General Terms & Conditions of The Fretted Frog Guitar Store
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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

RETAIL SALES (See particular terms and conditions for repairs)



  • You can come and visit us (and get what you can't get online: try the actual guitar!) or buy online, through secured Paypal Checkout process. Sales conditions apply for items bought at the price initially displayed, in our store or on our website.
  • We cannot guarantee the lowest prices, like our big competitors online, but we GUARANTEE the QUALITY of our PRODUCTS and SERVICES. We thoroughly inspect and test every instrument we receive at the store and send back to our suplliers those which don't sound good or are defective. Every instrument, including the most affordable ones we sell, are set up professionally by our luthier and are ready to play. When you buy online for the supposed best price, the risk is to receive an instrument that is not playable... So up to you, but sometimes, you may just waste your money instead of saving it!
  • And all our instruments are in stock and ready to ship. You'd be surprised to see how many "good deals" from some online dealers are offered on instruments that are not even in stock, meaning weeks long wait...


  • In store, we accept cash (yet no bills over one hundred, thanks), credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, discover, Dinners, JCB,American Express) and debit cards. Checks are accepted for lessons, special orders and lay-away downpayments.
  • For online sales, you can pay by credit card or Paypal.


  • On all sales, on both good and services, we can offer the following financing with our partner Synchrony Financial (In store only - upon credit approval):
    • - 6 month deferred financing on all sales over $249 (including taxes);
    • - 9 month deferred financing on all sales over $999(including taxes);
    • - 12 month deferred financing on all sales over $1999(including taxes);
    • - 18 month deferred financing on all sales over $3999(including taxes).
  • In all cases, you won't pay any interrests as long as you meet minimum monthly payments and pay the amount in full within the aforementioned period.
  • Prices shown on our websiteapply only for online  transactions. Some prices shown on store tags can include financing fees (we cover a good part of the financing costs but can't cover all!) Prices will be discounted if you go through Credit/Debit card (same as website prices), and even further down if you pay cash. Please check back of price tags for details.
  • On any purchase over $900 (including taxes), you can also choose a 36 motnh or 48 month financing, please ask us for details on monthly fixed payments and applicable APR.
  • Please remember we're not a credit company and all financing commitement will be between you and our partner Synchrony. Make sure you can meet your credit commitement: our deferred plan are interest free as long as you meet minimal monthly payments and pay the full amount within the agreed period. If you don't pay within the said period, all deferred interests will be due in full and the APR can be pretty steep!
  • All financing will have to be approved by Synchrony Financial. The application process is pretty fast and generely takes no more then 20 mn. Once you get approved, you will receive aSynchrony Financial/Fretted Frog Credit card. Use your credit card for all purchases at the store without deferred financing plan and get an extra 2% discount.

Lay away

  • You'll see a lay-away on  all our instruments. How does it work?

    On any instrument, you'll have to put down a 1/3 of the price down for us to put the instrument off the shelves, plus any shipping fees or tax (shipping fees will be free for instruments over $500; Tax applies in California). We'll send you a picture of your gear in the stock room and confirm the serial number. Please note that a Lay-away is a commitment to buy, so cancellation will not be free!

    From there, you'll have some time to pay off your lay-away, depending on the initial price of your order

    - 2 Months for any order under $200;

    - 3 Months for orders between $200 and $499;

    - 4 Months for orders between $500 and $1,499;

    - 5 Months for orders between $1,500 and 2,999;

    - 6 Months for orders over $3,000

    Payments are made at your rythm:

    - we'll send you a set of invoices for each remaining month (calculated on a basic prorata) and you have up to the end of the lay-away to pay each of them ;

    - after each payment we'll send you an e-mail with a statement of your order and remaining payment due;

    - once the order is paid in full, we'll ship within two working days (5 days if options apply: we won't modify the guitar before we get full payment).

    Need to cancel? Restocking Fees apply.

    The idea behind the Lay-away, is not to be stucked as you would be with a credit card. If you cancel, we'll just apply a restocking fee:

    5% of the total order (before shipping and tax)  if cancelled the first week

    10% of the total order (before shipping and tax) within the first 30 days

    15% of the total order (before shipping and tax) within the first 60 days

    20% of the total order (before shipping and tax) within the first 90 days

    25% of the total order (before shipping and tax) within the first 120 days

    Full 1/3 down payment after 120 days (any tax or shipping will be refunded).

    Any cancellation needs to be done in writing by e-mail to Whatever you'll have paid at the time of the cancellation will be refunded within one week, after restocking fees deduction.

    If the total order is not paid in full within the agreed time frame, the order will be considered cancelled and all restocking fees will apply.

    Return Policy

    On Lay-away items, the return policy applies the same way as for a regular sale but refund will be in store credit only. Please check our return policy for details.


All displayed prices include the following return policy:

  • Return within 30 days: whatever the reason, we propose a full store credit refund if you decide to return the item you bought. Please check below on general conditions for returns. A gift certificate can be issued or we can credit an account under your name. If you want to opt for a cash refund, a restocking fee will apply:
    • In-Store purchases only: No restocking fees within first 2 days (day of purchase and following business day);
    • Online purchases only: 5% restocking fee within first 2 days (day of receipt from the carrier and following business day;day of return being the day of pick up by the carrier);
    • 10% restocking fee from 3rd to 10th day after purchase (day of receipt from carrier for online sales);
    • 15% restocking fee from 11th to 20th day after purchase (day of receipt from carrier for online sales);
    • 20% restocking fee from 21st to 30th day afterpurchase (day of receipt from carrier for online sales).
  • 30 day defective item return policy: in case of a defective item under the product original warranty, we’ll take the item back and take care of the warranty issue directly with the manufacturer during the next 30 days following initial purchase; you can choose then for a standard exchange (provided we have the item in stock, a full refund or a store credit); if you choose to wait for the repairs to be performed (if waiting time is more than 3 working days), we offer you a 5% store credit (based on initial purchase price);
  • Instruments trade back (trade up) : at any time you can return your instrument for a trade back ; the value of the initial purchase will be deducted of any purchase of an instrument of a greater value*;
  • buy back:  for return without purchase or for trade back against a lesser value instrument, we will give you a quote; we’ll buy back at quoted value against store credit.

* Trade up conditions:

  • Instrument of a greater value means 100% more in value as advertised in our store and/or website, with a minimum price increase of $200; value of trade up will be confirmed on the final invoice;
  • Initial Price to be taken for comparison is the full initial price of the purchased instrument before any discount;
  • Price to be taken for the value of the trade up is the actual price paid initially after discount and deduction of the value of any free items offered at the initial sale;
  • Trade up does not apply to consigned,used or instruments sold in sale or clearance, expected if agreed and mentioned on the purchase receipt;
  • Trade up does not apply to instruments bought with a trade in or trade up, expected if agreed and mentioned on the purchase receipt;
  • Trade up can't apply against used instruments or instruments sold in sale or clearance.


General conditions for return:

  • All items must be returned to the store; shipping costs (including initial shipping costs as mentioned on the purchase order), if any, will be under customer responsibility;
  • Original receipt must be provided;
  • items are to be returned to the store in their original condition; Any packaged items should be returned in their original packaging;
  • In case of any repair to be performed on the instrument, the value of the estimated repair will be deducted from the initial purchase to calculate the refund or discount.
  • Items paid through a credit card will be credited back to the same card (no cash refund);
  • Trade up apply to following instruments only: guitars, bass, mandolins, ukuleles and banjos when initial value excedds $100; trade back applies for instruments returned in normal wear and tear condition. In case of any repair to be performed on the instrument, the value of the estimated repair will be deducted from the value of the initial purchase to calculate the trade up value.


Privileged Customers

All prices include our privileged customers plan:

  • free in store set up:
    • custom set up at time of purchase;
    • one free set up per year;
  • 1 free restring if you decide to go with a different set then the one initially provided;
  • 10% discount on all repairs;
  • 10% discount on accessories;
  • 10% discount on lessons.


How does the privilege plan work?

For repairs and  set up:

At time of purchase, we record the instrument per serial number. Once recorded, the plan applies to the instrument and not the owner.

For strings:

We won’t ask you to keep your serial number with you all time and we only log your name for special discount on strings. There is no limit for the accessories, except for stock availability.

For lessons:

  • The plan applies for the name recorded at the time of the sale. If you wan’t to buy a guitar for you and get the discount for a friend, your kid or anyone else than just let us know to whom it will apply
What if I bargain the price?
  • Financing, Return, Privilege plan, Lay away apply for the price displayed in the store or on our website. If you want mass merchant prices, we’ll advise you to go to them directly,. If we are able to propose similar prices (we don’t pretend to beat any price here, so it’s not sure we can, but we often do!), we will hardly be able to include other services and sale will be final.

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