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We're not a lefty guitar store but we have one of the nicest selection in Los Angeles of left-handed acoustic instruments:

- Steel string guitars including 12 string and Baritone

- Nylon string guitars: cassical, flamenco and E/A guitars

- Acoustic bass: always one in stock, and more than often a U-bass as well!

- Higher-end guitars: twice a year we get a nice higher end guitar from Lowden or Huss and Dlaton, don't miss them!

- Folk Instruments: mandolins, banjos, ukuleles and sometime more unusual instruments

Check also our conversion page: we tried to list all the instruments we can convert to lefty (from $250 for a stell string to a mere $20 for a ukulele), so don't be limited to the lefty selection (but don't forget the left-handed instruments were truly designed for you, we don't pretend to do a full conversion, the internal structure of the isntrument won't change!)

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