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Lessons - Our Instructors

Lessons - Our Instructors




Bryan teaches guitar, banjo, bass and mandolin (Celtic, Bluegrass, Rock, Blues).

" I'm a multi-instrumentalist who has been teaching and performing in the LA area for over 14 years. I like to get people playing songs immediately. I can teach very practical approaches to instruments that are instantly fun or I can give a more in depth examination into technique and music theory. Whatever works for the individual. Music is very rewarding to play so my goal is to help people get to a place of true enjoyment immediat

ely and to encourage them along whatever their musical path will be."





gabriel3-goeser.jpgGabriel gives guitar lessons, both on nylon and steel strings, and will help you mastering fingerstyle arpeggios. If you want to work on a particular fingerstyle arrangement, he’ll work through it with you.

Gabriel is also great at teaching guitar to kids. He uses the Suzuki method, the best way to learn to play the instrument and to read the music. Gabriel has been with us for 4 years.

Gabriel Deutsch is a composer and guitarist living and working in Los Angeles. His compositional projects include writing solo and chamber works for classical guitar as well as writing scores for phone apps and theatrical productions.
His classical guitar career began at age 20 when he championed the SEMO Concerto Competition in 2002. The following year, he won first place in the MMTA Collegiate State Level Guitar Competition held at UMKC (Kansas City Missouri), performing Danza Characteristica by Leo Brouwer and excerpts from Bach's 4th Lute Suite.

In 2008, Gabriel graduated from the California Institute of the Arts, where he received a Master's degree in performance and composition. Gabriel Deutsch has performed for such guitar giants as Scott Tenant, Anna Vidovic, Dusan Bagdonovic and Manuel Barrueco.

As a teacher, Gabriel specializes in starting students from scratch, but also has worked with students at the college and post collegiate level.





Elle can teach you how to play the guitar or the uke and sing along.

Elle is a Canadian singer songwriter. She graduated from Los Angeles College of Music in 2004 for whom she works now. Among other activities, she's been teaching vocals and guitars to adults and kids since 2006. She says about herself, that as a performer and teacher, she has made people smile in all kinds of situation, and what defines her is her strong work ethic, and she takes pride in her creative and resourceful approach to problem solving.

She started to work with us since we are in Pasadena (so her schedule is still pretty open!). She is at the store on Saturdays.








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