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Repairs - General Terms and Conditions

Repairs - General Terms and Conditions

REPAIRS (See particular terms and conditions for retail sales)



All our prices are for labor only, they do not include any parts which are to be bought separately. When a fixed price is given, that price will apply to the repair as described in our catalog. When a variable price is given (“$__ and up”), the actual time spent will apply at the published hourly rate ($60 as of 6/1/2010) with a minimum price as displayed in the catalog.


For all non-standard operations (where a fixed price is given), our repair team will give the customer a free estimate prior to starting the job. No job will be started prior to customer’s approval on the estimate.

If the estimate were to be revised by more than 10%, then the customer will be contacted for approval on the overrun. The job will be held on hold as long as the new estimate is not approved.

An estimate is not a minimum value and if the job were to be performed for a lower price then the estimate, then that lower price should apply.

Instrument consignment

During the time of repair, the instrument will be consigned with The Fretted frog LLC. For insurance purpose, the value of the instrument will be the one published under last published Kelly Bluebook of guitars less any estimated repair work to be performed.

In case a theft or un-repairable damage under our responsibility would occur to a consigned instrument, the customer would be refund for the said value.


All instruments will be retrieved by the customer after full payment of repair services and installed parts. All customers will be notified at the end of the repair by phone or e-mail.

Should the payment not be made within 2 months, the Fretted Frog will send a last notice by mail (or e-mail or phone if no mail address has been provided) to the customer. Should the payment not be made within 1 month after the said notice, the property of the consigned instrument will be transferred automatically to The Fretted Frog, LLC, which shall have the right to sell the consigned instrument to cover labor and parts charges.


Manufacturer’s warranty

Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty conditions prior to ask for repair or customization. Please note that such operations often void the warranty. If you have any doubt, please ask us and we will investigate and validate with the manufacturer prior to performing work.

Warranty on repairs

Our repairs are covered by a 6-month warranty on labor. Parts will be covered under manufacturer’s warranty. Should a defective part bought to us require removal and  new installation, then such operation would be performed free of charge. If you provided such defective part, then removal and re-installation will be charge at the published price.


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