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We work on all guitars, acoustic and electric (don't be fooled, we're an acoustic guitar store but Colin is also an electric guitar builder and knows how to re-wire your guitar, re-route or symply clean your pot, install a Bigsby and anything specific to electic instruments). From simple restring (and yes, we carry single strings) to a neck reset, Colin does it all!

Through our specific traffic and clientele, Colin also developped a pretty good knowledge on banjos and mandolins (and developped specific tools, think about installing a pick up in a F-Hole mandolin!)

And if there's something out of our range (or something we feel can be under warranty), we'll let you know and help you to find the right people for you. In any case, bring your instrument and we'll give you a detail quote!


Colin Warling, in-house luthier since 2010colin.jpg

My Story (a part of it...)

I'm a  Los Angeles native, and have been with the Fretted Frog since opening in 2010.

I began doing work on my own guitars at age 13. By age 24, I had made 4 guitars, before attending Roberto-Venn School of Lutherie in the Spring of 2008. Prior to being the Luthier at the Fretted Frog, I worked at Westwood Music for a year, and then for luthier, Jim Ellsberry, building high-end custom Archtop guitars. I've also built close to 20 stringed instruments of my own, some of them are available at the store.

I'm  passionate about guitars and music in general, and handle all of the repair work here at the Fretted Frog. I'm generally here everyday that we're open, and ready to help improve your guitars!

My (main) Gear

Custom Blueridge BG-160A Rosewood/Adirondack Slope Shoulder - Strung with D'Addario EJ16

 (to be updated: I have more than that...)

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