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We have been compiling different reviews found on the web.  The only filter we did was on double reviews, on reviews where no comments were written (mainly on Facebook) and on reviews that were not related to an actual purchase experience*. All reviews were rated on a total of five stars.

Review rating detail (as of 12/11/2015)

Total Reviews 117

5 stars : 109 (93%)

4 stars : 6 (5%)

3 stars: 1 (1%)

2 stars: 0 (0%)

1 star: 1 (1%)

Average : 4.90



Matt L. - Yelp - 7-17-2015 - 5/5

I grew up in Chicago (Chicago Music Exchange) and currently live in Norcal (Gryphon Stringed Instruments) so here's how I feel this place measures up to the big names.

I spent 1.5 hours here yesterday and not once was I pushed to buy anything. In fact, most of my time was spent talking to the owner Roland about how he started out in the business and the history behind his guitar collection. He was also very open for me to try his guitars and even started recommending certain models that would go with my fingerstyle playing.

As for the guitar collection itself, the store carries a lot of brands I've never played before which offer a nice change from Martin & Taylors (I personally fell in love with a Larrivee) as well as some very high end guitars from smaller luthiers. Also every guitar I played had fresh strings and were kept in immaculate condition.

Overall this is a fantastic local shop to visit - the owner is a very genuine and sincere guy and the guitar collection is unique and well kept. In my opinion the best acoustic shop in LA and I hope to give them my business in the future.

Travis M. - Yelp - 6/17/2015  - 5/5

This place sells acoustic instruments. Most of the guitars do not have electric pickups. They can add them. There is an on-site luthier there who I believe is one of the partners and seems completely able.

We purchased a high end guitar here that did have a pickup. The owner did not pressure us to purchase a guitar. He was helpful and incredibly knowledgeable about the guitars they offer.

The place is filled with ukes and mandolins and guitars plus accessories. After the sale, the luthier in the back set up the guitar with new strings and seemed to do even more work, making sure it sounded perfect.

It was a great outing and we are pleased with our purchase. We looking forward to a long and positive relationship with this great guitar shop.

Scott D. - Yelp - 6/13/2015 - 5/5

Had purchased a Taylor at Guitar Center, but I was really unsatisfied that the money I spent on it got me the quality and playability I had really wanted.  

Hopeful, I returned the Taylor and opted to go local and I was RICHLY rewarded.  For the same price as the Taylor I got a guitar with incredible sound, an excellent pickup, beautiful accents, and rich gorgeous wood.  It is incredibly playable and I spent hours last night noodling and playing all the songs I know.  My fingers are shredded, but I think I'm in love.

The Fretted Frog; there's something very magical about this place.  The owners are very cool; Roland is one of those kind, gentle men who you want to do business with.  He knows guitars and what it is in his shop - and theres a considerable collection.

Colin, working quietly in the back, said less but clearly knows his trade.  From the sound of it, he came to guitar repair out of need to make repairs to his own guitars and has really honed his craft to a fine art.

Everything was very chill and easy.  They let me test several guitars.  They had very high quality amps (they don't sell) to use to check the sound.  I want one of these amps but only found one on eBay for $1K - ouch!  But it sounded incredible, so there you go.

After I selected my guitar of choice; Roland went to the back to get the case and Colin took the guitar to do a last verification.  Strings were plucked, adjustments were made, the guitar was cleaned thoroughly, he checked the make sure the seams were tight and probably so much more that I didn't see.

I HIGHLY SUGGEST THIS SHOP.  For any guitar plays from newbies like me to the real pro, these guys have what you need.

M H. - Yelp - 11/9/2015 - 5/5

Best place to buy Ukelele & Guitars! It's a one stop shop!  They offer a wide selection of both and accessories at great prices! Service was excellent! In house repairs & lessons are available! They buy back trade in for a new purchase.
Location is off the 134fwy... It's tricky to find but parking is free!

Jeremy C. - Yelp - 7/30/2015 - 5/5

 Mail order customer here giving a huge thumbs up to The Fretted Frog. I ordered an Emerald Amicus 12 and it arrived in perfect condition from across the country. When the pickup I ordered for the guitar did not sound right, Roland and crew upgraded to another pickup and no additional charge and threw in an extra set of strings! Highly, highly recommended!

Blake C. - Yelp - 4/15/2015 - 5/5

Sublime. Ahead of the times. The stuff of legend.


Thomas P. - Yelp - 2/28/2015 - 5/5

 I play guitar and ukulele. Went in just to browse ukuleles. The owner was very friendly and there was never any sales pressure. I spent approx. 1 hour just looking at the large selection of ukes here. They never seemed to mind me taking them off the wall and playing them. I eventually fell in love with a higher end uke (greater than $1000) and spent another 30 min playing it and asking questions about it and the company that makes it. They let me plug it into an amp and just play and test it out. Ended up purchasing it (and then got 10% off all accessories and even books). They have uke brands here that you just don't see at other places (they also have some common brands as well) at a wide range of prices. When I got home, I googled the uke that I bought and found out that the price was lower than any online vendor. I couldn't have been happier with the entire experience.

I also saw a bunch of nice guitars. If I ever feel the urge to upgrade my guitar, I'm definitely coming back here. I drove 30 miles to get there and would readily do it again.

Paul J. - Yelp - 11/10/2014 - 5/5

Needed an acoustic/electric Mandolin and saw a nice one on their website. Went in to check it out and was blown away by the store. Great selection of acoustic instruments and very well-chosen. Price points from entry-level through total boutique handmade masterpieces. Once you make a purchase you get discounts on strings, accessories, setups and lessons. This is a music store run by musicians for musicians. I have found a new "go to" shop for all my acoustic instrument needs. No more having to make the schlep to the Westside to hit up McCabe's unless I want to see a show there.

Matthew S. - Yelp - 2/1/2015 - 5/5

Came here to check out their guitars.  What a great store, the service is second to none.   I felt no pressure to buy, and got some really good advice.  I did end up buying from them on my second trip.  They cleaned up the guitar and gave me a great deal on a case.  I will be back here often.

Jon L. - Yelp - 12/29/2014- 5/5

Brought in my Big Baby Taylor & GS Mini for long overdue maintenance and a pickup install for the Mini. Price was quite reasonable, Colin is a consummate professional, he did a fabulous job, and the guitars were ready in 2 days (as promised). If you're an acoustic musician/hobbyist on the Eastside, this is where to get your instruments serviced and repaired. My Taylors play like butter now and sound awesome. The Fretted Frog just got themselves a new loyal customer.

Joel M. - Yelp - 9/11/2014- 5/5

Really helpful.  Great prices.  Great trade policy.  Like a good neighborhood store.   I will buy all my string instruments there.


Paul H. - Yelp - 1/23/2014- 3/5

Nice store with a cool vibe. I brought in an old banjo that belonged to my dad for a setup and adding a machine head. Work was done nicely, action was slightly higher than I expected. Only problem I had was the banjo wasn't wiped down or dusted. I don't know if it was included in the setup but usually the tech would run a rag even when I had strings on my guitar at other shop. I might be too picky. Again, it was a cool store and the people are friendly.


Angela W. - Yelp - 11/23/2013- 5/5

I came here as a guitar novice who had broken a string trying to tune my new guitar. The guys here weren't condescending at all, and provided such a friendly environment for me. I was expecting to have to buy a whole new set of strings, but they actually ended up providing just the one I had broken (and only charged me about $2 or something crazy).

When I asked them about fingerpicking accessories, they didn't upsell me at all, and actually recommended that I wait to see what my teacher would want.

I tried to tip at the end for the great service, but was handed my money back. Pretty awesome.


John Andrew F. - Yelp - 2/3/2015 - 5/5

colin is the best luthier in so cal.  roland is super cool--the owner.  pasadena's gain is echo park's loss.  drag they are not just around the corner but oh well.  I am not alone--three other fellow professional musicians swear by Colin's work.  he's like Spiccolli in FAST TIMES:  "I can FIX IT!" hahahaha.  (the scene where they are baked and Jeff wrecks Jefferson's car).


Jose H. - Yelp - 9/9/2014 - 5/5

I really like this store. They are quite knowledgeable and they have great instruments.
I feel like I can take their advice when buying a new instrument and they will follow up and take care of anything I might need.

I'm very glad I found them.


Peter R. - Yelp -5/14/2014- 5/5

I had my first visit to the Fretted Frog with a student of mine today (yes, I help my guitar students buy their guitars). The owner and luthier were attentive and helpful without being pushy. They have a great selection that's different than the run of the mill Guitar Center/Sam Ash fare. They carry Alvarez, Alvarez-Yairi, Blueridge, Cordoba, Godin, Taylor and many more brands that run the gamut from budget to pro. Fun store to browse in but the reason to visit is the people who work there because they truly have a love for guitars and they just want you to find the right instrument, even if it's at another store. I will definitely be back!


Norm B. - Yelp - 3/13/2015 Updated review 5/5

I bought my second guitar from the Fretted Frog today. My first purchase was a couple of years ago and I had a great experience back then as well.  These guys are great !  They are very welcoming and offer sound honest advice.  If you are a lefty don't waste your time anywhere else. This is the best spot in Southern California !  I strongly recommend giving them a chance to earn your business.

Previous reviewThese guys are great !!  The best left handed guitar store in Los Angeles !  They are very helpful and honest.  Upon purchasing a guitar they noticed a small cosmetic blemish on the guitar and advised me.  I would have never noticed.  I was discounted or given the option to wait for the guitar to be ordered and brought in.  I was shocked by the honesty and integrity demonstrated.  My daughter was with me and said that she has never seen such honest sincere customer service!  I would definitely recommend and return as well.  Don't waste your time anywhere else.  Too bad I can't give them 6 stars because I definitely would !!!

Tania X. - Yelp - 5/25/2014 - 5/5

I decided to learn to play guitar but first I needed a guitar...Ben helped me select a few models in my price range and he even played different models for me so I could hear the difference between different woods and sizes. Then he set me up on the  couch with my top contenders and let me strum away till i found the one that was right for me. This is great place to get a guitar if you want something special.  I knew I wanted a guitar that would be with me for a while. I'm really happy with my blueridge.

Chris C. - Yelp - 8/23/2013 Updated review - 4/5

This is an update to my review from 6/22/2013.

Roland, the owner, contacted me via Yelp after he read my experience. He was very apologetic about the situation. What stood out the most to me was that he didn't seem all that concerned about whether I'd update or change my review. Other store owners would be all up in arms about saving their image online, Roland just wanted to make things right, and talk to me in person to make sure he understood what happened so that he can make sure to improve things. The whole interaction was very pleasant and understanding, and it's great to see a local store owner keeping his shop accountable, and working hard to always be improving.

I will still go elsewhere for my electric guitar service for the time being, but for acoustic needs or strings and accessories (or just wandering and looking at cool stuff I can't afford), Fretted Frog is still my go-to.

Previous review

Do your research before you decide whether to bring an electric guitar here for service. I've had good experience with the store in general, but a negative experience with service on an electric.

I've been in the store multiple times for odds and ends. The store's primary niche is stringed acoustics, and they do that extremely well (just see the Yelp following). I took a used Gibson SG Classic in that I had purchased and was in need of some work and a good setup. I was going to go elsewhere because it's an electric and FF is very acoustic-focused, but read some reviews on here that were positive from electric guitar owners, so I figured I'd give it a try.

The price was reasonable, $55 for a complete setup including filing new saddles for a TOM bridge, and an additional $35 to install tuners, which required the old screw holes to be drilled out and filled in, then re-drilled, because the PO had jammed screws in that are larger than tuner screws. Colin's work on the tuner install was pretty good; a couple aren't perfectly vertical but it's a good job considering.

The rest of the setup was... meh. Now, I know setups are subjective, but only to an extent. The job he did filing the saddles is pretty botched. He over-filed a couple of them, so those strings sit a lot closer to the fretboard. He tried compensating by raising that side of the bridge, so now the bridge is at an extreme angle rather than relatively level like it should be, and the G string still buzzes unless I raise the whole bridge even higher.

He didn't bother setting the tailpiece height, he just left it screwed down to the body (where I had it just to hold the hardware on to the guitar since it didn't have strings on it yet), so all of the strings pulled and bent against the back of the bridge. My e-string snapped at that kink 25 minutes into playing, and it's an 11

A screw was missing from one of the tuners, so I stopped back in to get it. Honest mistake, no biggie. Colin flipped my guitar face down on his bench and installed the screw... the bench that he was just polishing frets with steel wool on. So my pickups did what magnets do, and picked up huge wads of steel wool. When I came back to show him, he told me it's no big deal, it won't hurt anything or the sound (wrong on both counts. Metal filings get into the pickup and corrode. Metal filings also act like a million tiny antennas.)

I would have been more understanding had he apologized and cleaned it, but he blew me off (literally). He opened my case, took an air can, and blew the pickups off... into my case, despite my objection "not in the case, not in the case!"

At that point, I didn't feel like arguing anymore, so I just went home and picked steel wool shavings out of my pickups for 2 hours. I ordered new saddles and had a different luthier install and file them when I took it elsewhere to get a setup.

The store itself is a real gem, and I still go back there. But I go elsewhere when I need work done on my SG


Ethne D. - Yelp - 3/28/2014- 5/5

i went in here on a goal to test out evert ukulele i can get my hands on before i upgrade.
they let me try every single uke they have, id say about 50? i got to try 6 and 8 string ukes, which they explained how to play. they tuned anything that sounded off, and were so encouraging! i told them i was nervous in front of others and they totally made me feel at ease. there was no pressure to buy, even though they stayed open an extra 20 minutes after closing for me, and were so kind.
i told them id fallen in love with a uke at another store and they encouraged me to go with whatever spoke to me.
i will Definitely come here again!! they are very knowledgable and so kind.
they also have a Huge selection of left handed instruments which is great!


Brianna R. - Yelp - 6/11/2014- 5/5

1 check-in

I bought my last two guitars here, a Bluesridge tenor guitar and a Taylor GS mini, and I have had the best service when it comes to repairs, advice for strings, equipment, and even product recommendations for recording equipment. Roland is very friendly and knowledgable about the instruments and takes excellent care of every instrument he carries at the store. The staff is very accommodating with questions and I have had excellent repairs. I even bring guitars to Colin that I did not buy at the store to repair! If you are interested in buying quality acoustic instruments with a variety of alternative brands, Fretted Frog in Pasadena is the way to go!


Michael M. - Yelp - 4/5/2014 - 5/5

They did a great job setting up my guitar and much cheaper than the chain stores (i.e Guitar Center/Sam Ash) on Sunset Blvd. I paid around $55.00 for the setup with new strings and the guitar felt great.  The staff were friendly and the work was completed in a timely manner.


Bobby C. - Yelp - 5/21/2014- 5/5

I'm a lefty guitarist looking to finally upgrade my cheap fender acoustic after 8 years of playing. For those who don't know the life of a lefty, lemme tell you its hard to come by a decent lefty acoustic at your typical Sam Ash or GC. I've been so hungry to play a high end guitar but would always play upside down to satisfy my craving but I never thought of looking for independent shops on yelp that would carry lefties.

I found this store on yelp and read that there is a dedicated section just for lefties. So I went and I was blown away. This really restored my love to play the guitar and the guys there are super friendly and helpful. I was helped by a gentleman named Ben and he talked to me about the different guitars and at the same time let me do my own thing. These guys didn't try to push any products into my face. I love the servoce . I compared some prices and noticed that this shop marks up the price just a bit. But honestly, I'd pay that extra amount to support these guys do what they do best.

I will be back when its time for me to buy a new guitar.


Eric R. - Yelp - 12/10/2013-5/5

Colin the luthier is awesome! He is patient and helpful with what he suggests is the best way to repairing/improving your guitar. With cost in mind.

At the Fretted Frog, my old archtop guitar was adjusted, sanded saddle, installed strap buttons, with better action (with no more buzzing) for half the cost what my Guitar Center luthier quoted me for (who is also great luthier lol). When I got my guitar back, I was so excited with how much easier it was to press down on the strings and how there was no more buzzing up to the 14th fret.

I only noticed the buzzing because Colin pointed out that he was unable to completely remove the buzzing because of the warped neck (which I was aware of).  I appreciated the honesty.

Also, his attention to details is great. He replaced some missing screws with new ones. But that's not all, he said he sanded down the screw tops in hopes it oxidizes and rusts a little to better resemble my other hardware (my beat up guitar is from the '70s)

Great price and great quality are the most important thing and Colin and The Fretted Frog excel at both!


Donny B. - Yelp - 5/17/2014- 5/5

These guys are awesome! Noticed an issue with my Martin's truss rod today. I brought it into the shop and Colin took a look at it right there in front of me. He fixed the problem in about 10 mins and sent me on my way with the issue resolved...FREE of charge!

The store itself has a lot of nice, affordable acoustic guitars from popular brands like Taylor and Alvarez, to rarer kinds like Blueridge and Norman. They even have comfortable sofa chairs for to sit in while you demo the guitars. I ended up purchasing a tuner as well. Roland installed the battery and powered it up to make sure it worked before sending me on my way. Really cool shop and really nice guys. I'll gladly come to them in the future with all of my guitar needs!


Rachael R. - Yelp - 11/8/2014- 5/5

I took my classical guitar to get fixed at the Fretted Frog. The bridge had come off and one of the braces inside had broken. Colin was super helpful and nice. He fixed my guitar in about a week and it sounds great! The rates were reasonable as well.


Lance H. - Yelp - 3/15/2014- 5/5

Yesterday I was calling around to locate some gear and called this place looking for a piece of equipment they didn't have. I spoke with Colin who was not only knowledgeable, but genuinely helpfull, and without a hint of any arrogance or attitude, answered my questions, Being Attentive In The Awareness of The Moment at hand, and was able to respond Accordingly to the Laws of Energetic Physics and the Motion of Sound Frequency Vibration and followed through in pointing me only out into the right direction. Thanks guys and keep it Rock'n & Hip Hop'n... Thats Genuine!


Alex K. - Yelp - 5/27/2015- 5/5

This is by far my favorite acoustic guitar shop.  The service is excellent and they have a great selection and knowledge about there guitars.  I first went into the shop seeking to buy a new acoustic.  The owner Roland gave me a brief rundown about some of the different brands that I wasn't familiar with.  I tried out almost every guitar in the guitar in the place and not once did I feel any pressure from anyone to sell me on anything.  After about 3 hours I picked out a Blue Ridge guitar.  Roland helped me pick out some pick ups to put in it and they then installed a custom pickup in the guitar.  Fast forward 3 years later and that Blue Ridge is still my favorite acoustic in my collection.  I gig out with it all the time and it sounds great on recordings as well.  I also purchased a nice mandolin from the shop as well.  Another employee there named Colin helped me out a lot, he helped pick out an mandolin as well pick out a ukulele that I bought as a gift for a friend.  Colin also does amazing work setting up guitars and has set up both my Gibson SG and Les Paul as well as the acoustics.  Any one seeking to purchase an acoustic instrument I would highly recommend them going to the Fretted Frog.


Mor C. - Yelp - 9/30/2014- 5/5

What a wonderful place! The guys in the store are super helpful, kind and professional. The store offers great prices for an awesome selection of instruments. I got a new guitar (after searching for way too long) and repaired my old one. Many thanks, guys, visiting your store has really made my day


January H. - Yelp - 7/5/2014- 5/5

I spent a relaxed hour today picking out a new ukulele (tenor, solid cedar top) from a nice selection of ukuleles (standards, concerts, tenors, baritones) from a wide selection of ukulele makers. After making my selection, the in-house luthier provided a set-up and installed a strap button. I also picked out a strap and discounted case. While the number of ukuleles on hand may not equal that of Huntington Beach's Island Bazaar, Fretted Frog is a great alternative. The staff was helpful, but not overly attentive (allowing me space to think, noodle, etc.).


Mike H. - Yelp - 2/17/2013- 5/5

The Fretted Frog is a very legit store for quality acoustic and classical guitars.  The owner Roland is European and speaks with an accent and also can probably rub people the wrong way because he takes the store's setting and merchandise very seriously.

If you like to try great guitars that are well cared for and be able to listen carefully to what you are playing to make a good buying decision then this place is for you. They really know guitars here.

Everything is done thoroughly and correctly here.  I'm pretty serious about music and wish that more music stores would adopt this kind of approach.  At other stores I find myself trying to buy a guitar in spite of the setting, in this case the environment created a painless shopping experience.  

What is included with a guitar purchase is also impressive, a free annual guitar setup and several other steps which create an ongoing relationship between the customer and the store.  The purchase process is actually what made The Fretted Frog  the most unique -  I will leave it up to you to go and discover the details for yourself.



Matthew L. - Yelp - 11/13/2013- 5/5

This store is the best. For now, I will limit this review to the guitar repair/setup department. Colin is one of the most talented guitar techs I've ever come across. Please trust me on this, I've driven all over L.A. for years with different guitars to different techs, and this is the one place that I've implored all of my fellow musicians to bring their guitars to have them set up properly, or repaired properly. He's your man.

I've brought a couple of guitars to Colin that I had considered irredeemable: A 1970s Fender acoustic beater that I'd bought for $150 and tried everything I could to knock into shape, but still fretted out horribly up the neck, and sounded like a chain link fence. Now it's almost as rich as my Martin, and the action and tone is near perfect.

More recently, a Spanish-made classical that I'd never been able to bond with, because of the high action and poor intonation. I've had (and sold) a couple of classicals in the past, and with this guitar I made the regrettable mistake of putting it in the closet for a few years because I couldn't enjoy playing it. Essentially I thought I had lost my chops on a nylon string guitar- I've been playing electrics and steel string acoustics for so long, that I had convinced myself that the classical guitar was a different country that thrilled me when I was young, but that I would never live in again.

Colin was quite honest about what he thought was possible, and a little skeptical about the prospects for improvement, but he gave me back a guitar that sounds like a harp. True intonation, perfect action, and I can't put it down now. Tonight I tucked my lady into bed and played her "El Noi de La Mare," a Catalán folk lullaby that I haven't played in years, but it just started to resurface when I strummed an open D, like magic.

Well, it wasn't magic, it was a properly set up Spanish classical guitar, that played like a real instrument, thanks to Colin.

The point is, Colin is fantastic. He's also done excellent work on a couple of my electrics, as well. The guy knows his stuff.

The store is fantastic, with a wide range of really interesting instruments from artisan luthiers, and they offer lessons, and the owner is a super cool guy, and significantly, I would drive across town to bring a guitar to Colin for a set up, but lucky me, I live a half-mile up Glendale Boulevard.

This is one of the few times that I wish I could give more than the maximum allotment of stars.The Fretted Frog deserves it.


R Y. - Yelp - 9/28/2012- 5/5

Colin and Roland are very chill people with excellent service.

Colin was very friendly and helpful in the process of picking out a new uke.
He really took his time, explained the differences in each uke, and gave me his honest evaluation.  They try to match the internet prices, and I walked out with a great deal.

Roland and I chatted briefly, and he tells me Yelp really helped the store out a lot.
I'm glad because it's such a cool store with nice, mellow people.

I highly recommend The Fretted Frog.


Brian K. - Yelp - 6/14/2012- 5/5

I brought in a new Fender Strat for a setup.  A couple days later I came back to pick it up, and it took me only a few seconds of playing the newly setup guitar to know that Colin had done the job right.  The bridge was set nicely, and the action on the fretboard was excellent.  And some wonky tuning on the G-string had been straightened out too.  After 15 or 20 seconds of playing, I knew that I didn't need to inspect any further.  I've been playing the guitar for hours a day ever since, and all is well in the world.

Great pricing on repair work too.

Can't wait to go back for a purchase (the stock looks amazing), and it's such a comfort to know that there's a skilled repairman in the neighborhood.


Kim W. - Yelp - 11/14/2013- 5/5

Colin is an inspired luthier and unlike most stringent guitar nerds, not afraid of challenging projects.


Alexander D. - Yelp - 6/8/2014- 4/5

Purchased a Yelp Deal

I drove all the way from west LA to take weekly lessons for a while. I'm out of the area now, but this place holds a special place in my heart from my days in SoCal.


Shannon V. - Yelp - 7/4/2012- 4/5

Once again my man is able to strum me to sleep thanks to the Fretted Frog repair job! I missed the lullabys and choruses. His fingers missed the strings and the frets. Everyone is happy once again. Really cool shop. Quick drive from downtown, easy meter parking. Quick repair turnaround. Bonus, across the street from Burrito King & Pizza Buona! Thanks Frogs!


Stephen P. - Yelp - 7/23/2013 5/5

Very professional and courteous staff.  Just went to get a music stand and was impressed by the charm and the expertise of this place.


Steve A. - Yelp - 11/13/2013- 5/5

Great place to explore fantastic sounding guitars that are not so mainstream. At every price point.. The store trade up policy is super cool too. I took advantage of their back to school guitar lessons as well. Had a great time learning with Ben. Cool place and great 1on1 service.  Happy to support small business like this here in LA.


Rob M. - Yelp - 10/22/2013- 5/5

These guys know how to treat musicians & customers. I visited them on my vacation and they were helpful & knowledgeable. I ordered my guitar from them (special order) and they were competitive & set it up w/out extra charge. The guitar is beautiful! (Godin A6 Ultra) Highly recommend them for serious musicians. They have a great acoustic eclectic selection of beautiful instruments! Thank you Roland!!


Francesca P. - Yelp - 4/17/2014- 5/5

Purchased a Yelp Deal

My boss bought me a few banjo lessons here for my birthday about a year ago. Bryan was my instructor, and he's awesome--super friendly and laid back, very encouraging and knowledgable. I always get shy and fumble a lot when I play in front of people, and he really helped put me at ease. Definitely eager to go back as soon as I can afford more lessons!


Dean P. - Yelp - 1/31/2013- 5/5

It was a pleasure talking with Roland while buying my first guitar. He was super knowledgeable and helpful. Very nice shop with great people!


Gabe H. - Yelp - 6/3/2012- 5/5

Took a chance on this place and scoped out one of the monthly open mic nights.

Several incredibly talented artists wowed me with their songwriting and technical virtuosity, often both at the same time. This is truly a mecca for acoustic guitar nuts, and also for those wanting to get a sense of the talent bubbling under the local music scene.

Roland, the friendly French dude who runs the store, was very chill, setting the mic levels for the artists himself and chatting with attendees during the intermission. He also seems to run one of the very few music stores in the city not in the clutches of Fender, Gibson, and the other guitar monoliths that dominate the retail guitar scene. Lots of different independent luthiers were in stock and all were of as good or better quality and playability than the more familiar brands.

In short, this is one of the two or three best guitar stores in the city, in terms of both  dedication to the art of guitar and providing a space to incubate local talent.

Give this place a chance and you'll find yourself wondering why all guitar stores aren't like this.


Steve B. - Yelp - 4/20/2012- 5/5

Made my first visit to The Fretted Frog the other day and it certainly will not be my last. I love this music shop! It has a great laid-back vibe and they have a very cool selection of guitars and other stringed instruments across all price ranges - I favor the Lowden guitars myself.

Roland is the Manager and Colin is the Guitar Tech and they are both super nice guys and very knowledgeable about all things guitar!  

Check it out - you will be very happy you did!


Martin B. - Yelp - 4/5/2014- 5/5

From first contact through purchase (great deal!) through sorting out a warranty issue, Roland has been exemplary! You can't go wrong at the Fretted Frog.


Dan  D. - Yelp - 2/8/2014 - 5/5

Store is very nice inside. Owners are helpful and friendly. Purchased a very nice guitar for under two hundred bucks, was not expecting to get such a good deal.


Conor W. - Yelp - 4/10/2012- 5/5

Let me start off by saying as a musician it is very, VERY difficult to find a local music store that is well stocked, friendly, and knowledgable. If you're looking for an upgrade to your guitar that is well crafted, beautiful and above all unique, this is the place to go. They have Blueridge guitars that are WAYYYY better than any Martin for half the price!!!

I recently bought a mandolin from The Fretted Frog, a beautiful Kentucky Master Model (KM-1000B), and Roland (the owner) really worked with me to make the payments easy. After spending some more time there I have really grown to love the guitars, and the brands they sell and I now have my eye on a 12 string LAG guitar that is only $250. Their mid-range guitars are beautiful, and their high end line is unreal!

Roland and Colin run a tight ship, and as friendly as they are professional. Colin does exquisit guitar repair, and Roland is always around to answer any and all questions you have about products or just guitars in general. If you live anywhere East of Hollywood, this IS your go to guitar store!


Dan E. - Yelp - 2/25/2012- 5/5

Love this place; so glad it's in my 'hood!

Great vibe and good prices (especially on repair work). And though they're primarily devoted to acoustic instruments, I've brought several electric guitars here to be fixed and/or set up, and I've been really happy with both the quality of their work and how quickly they handled the jobs. I won't take my axes anywhere else now!


Kelly M. - Yelp - 6/10/2013- 5/5

I was in need of a new case for my KoAloha concert ukulele and stopped by fretted frog. They had a few Kala cases to choose from and I went with the tweed hard case model. I got home and decided it wasn't right for me. It had next to no storage and weighed a lot. So the next day I took it back and they exchanged it for the cloth covered hard shell case thats more like a violin case. It holds a lot more accessories and weighs next to nothing. When I got it home the out side pocket zipper started jamming, so it was back to the Frog and again, they swapped it out, no hassle. And since the inside of the case was a little larger than the uke they cut some foam shims to keep it in snug, until I could make some better ones.
I was helped by the owner and the guitar technician. I guess my point is the customer service was as good as it gets.
Thanks Frog.


Marvin V. - Yelp - 3/1/2011 - 5/5

I went here to get my guitar restrung. Guitar Center costs $25, Sam Ash $20 and make you wait either a day or an hour. I took it here and it was finished in around 10 minutes. Great and Fast, and it cost only $9. This place was great and would come back for repairs or anything else!

If your thinking about repairs or getting new strings, go to Fretted Frog!


Jim K. - Yelp - 2/22/2014 - 5/5

I'm a bluegrass flat picker and had taken my Martin D-28 in to have the action lowered. Colin did a great job! They also have lots of cool stuff there. I can't say enough good things about this store. I'll be back


Andrea B. - Yelp - 1/16/2014- 5/5

I went to The Fretted Frog on the recommendation of a musician friend. I wanted to learn how to play ukulele and was told the staff would be able to help me find the right instrument for me, a novice who has never played a string instrument before. Roland, the owner, patiently helped me through the process. He started out by showing me the very basic models and moving up to some higher end ones. I never felt pressured to buy something just because it was more expensive. Roland gave me a great understanding as to what I could expect at each price point. I love the ukulele that I ended up with and know that I selected the best instrument for my needs. I am so happy I drove the extra distance to get the personalized attention at The Fretted Frog, rather than get the hard sell at some of the bigger chain stores.


Jessica L. - Yelp - 12/12/2012 - 5/5

Very cool shop!  I brought in my ukuleles to get strap "buttons" installed, and picked up a few wall mounts. The shop has a great vibe and the guys working there were very helpful.


Leila N. - Yelp - 1/19/2011 - 5/5

Goodbye Guitar Center! This place is awesome! I went in to get some string cleaner for my autoharp (just bought it off of craigslist, strings were awfully rusty and I was NOT about to change all 36 strings). The guy working there suggested I go to a hardware store and buy some paint thinner! Most places try to get you to buy everything in the store, and the most expensive stuff while you're at it.

These guys were completely honest and very nice. I highly suggest the Fretted Frog for any musician!!

Don't support the big ol' companies! They will be the end of us.


Patty C. - Yelp - 2/17/2011 - 5/5

My husband and I eat, breath and sleep guitars, so we were pretty excited to discover there was an indie guitar store not far from us.  Even better, the only place I know of on this side of town where there are Cole Clark guitars and Lowdens.  Also a large selection of Blueridge guitars and other Sagas of all sorts, plus Boulder Creeks and some Godins, although surprisingly no Seagulls.  And a couple Emerald travel guitars.  

A very comfortable place to try out guitars, a good selection of ukuleles - including the very cool Boulder Creek models, a few acoustic basses, some banjos and resonators.  

There's a stage and some couches, although we were there in the daytime so the stage had guitars on it, but on Tuesday evenings there's live shows or jams.

Plus there were picks, strings, tuners, instructional videos and a variety of other things.  

Roland, the owner, is a very cool guy who's as much a guitar geek as we are, so he's a great person to talk guitars with.  He's also low pressure, and understands that buying a guitar isn't always a wham-bam event - it's a process for some of us.

If you're in the Hollywood/downtown L.A. area and play guitar - or want to - The Fretted Frog is a great place to buy strings, get a setup, check out guitars and ukes (or buy one) or hang out.


Colin N. - Yelp - 2/16/2011- 5/5

I stopped in at The Fretted Frog a couple of weeks ago for a basic set up on my Gibson J-50 lefty acoustic, based solely on the great reviews posted here. I am happy to say I was not disappointed. Roland, the owner, was very friendly and Colin, the guitar tech, was super nice and did a great job on my guitar. The frets shine as never before, the fretboard was given new life, and the playability is slightly improved (it played great already, so that's Not a knock on the set up!). While in there, I inquired about replacing the nut and saddle, but Colin advised me the ones on the guitar were well made from bone and there really was no need to change them. He easily could have said, "Oh yeah, replace them!" and made a quick buck, which less caring shops love to do, but I got an honest assessment from him.

Colin said it would be an hour or so for the set up, so I killed time in their very comfortable shop (sofa and comfy chairs throughout) checking out the strange mix of instruments and brands (including Australian  and French-made makes, with no "big name" Guitar Center crap like Mexican made Fenders, etc). They actually had several lefties in stock, so I checked them all out. The Blue Ridge guitars were utterly shocking in their tone, playability and quality, especially for being Chinese imports. I usually abhor non USA crafted guitars, but Roland definitely knows what he's doing; selecting high quality builds at reasonable prices vs. stocking lesser quality "name brands" that frankly pale in comparison. I was so enamored with the Blue Ridge line I even texted another buddy advising him to check out The Fretted Frog's selection before buying from anywhere else.

Anyway, while sampling the shop's wares, I fell in love with a banjo-ukelele (yes, you read that right) but bemoaned that it was not a left handed model. No worries, Colin and Roland advised me that if I really wanted it they would convert it to lefty for me At No Extra Charge. Awesome. I put the banjo-uke on hold with 1/3rd down, and have 2 months to pay the balance!

Another reason I loved the shop, while I was sitting there playing my J-50 post-set up, Roland took time to listen. "Ahh, I can tell you like The Smiths," he said in his French accent. I appreciated the compliment, as Johnny Marr of The Smiths is my all time biggest influence on my playing style. Smiths kinship goes a long way with me.

Overall, I had a great visit, and look forward to returning for the banjo-uke, and to admire the Blue Ridge acoustics again.

Want a great guitar that's not your usual run of the mill? And a fun experience to boot? Stop in and speak to The Frog.


Tien N. - Yelp - 9/17/2010 - 5/5

I love echo park and this is one of my new regular spots.  The owner, Roland, is super chill and friendly, and his philosophy for the store is to offer a wide range of acoustic instruments that he has thoughtfully selected for their craftsmanship to price ratio.  In other words, more bang for your buck, regardless of the amount of buck.  All this was gleaned from a conversation I had with him the first time we met.  

It's nice and spacious, there's a couch, hardwood floors, stools, amps, and cables.  you don't feel guilty for playing.

I brought my acoustic bass in to get a tuner fixed.  Colin, the luthier, took one look at it (I had previously tried to get it repaired by the guy at guitar center on sunset), and it looked like he was temporarily nauseous looking at how guitar center guy had botched the repair.  Long story short, he fixed it for $30 bucks and it is perfect.  If you are looking for "your guy" for guitar repairs, I would recommend Colin based off of this experience and his general air of friendliness and competence.


Brian M. - Yelp - 11/6/2012 - 5/5

2 check-ins

Very knowledgable for repairs and great people to deal with. Great selection of acoustics as well.



Justin H. - Yelp - 12/10/2012 - 5/5

I drove by this shop often and always told myself I should stop by one day and see what they've got. Well, a couple years ago I had some free time and decided to drop by. I was blown away by the selection of guitars they had. Roland and his staff were all very knowledgable and super friendly.

After looking around and trying out a few guitars, I found one that I absolutely needed to have. I saved up and eventually went back to get it. Once I had purchased the guitar, I found out that not only could I trade the guitar in to upgrade for the full original value, but I also got a free annual set up, and lifetime discounts on all strings, picks, etc.

Since that time, I've been back over and over, and am happy to see that they have grown and expanded their inventory quite a bit. They now carry major brands such as Taylor and Martin, but they still have those hard to find brands such as the Cole Clark I purchased from them.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this shop without hesitation. Their selection is excellent, and their customer service is unbeatable. Staff is always friendly and knowledgable, and I always leave with a smile on my face.


Paul B. - Yelp - 5/8/2013- 5/5

1 check-in

great local service and selection for my acoustic guitar. i really like being able to walk- in and get my strings changed while i wait.



Troy L. - Yelp - 1/31/2011- 5/5

EDIT/UPDATE: If you're in the area and play guitar (acoustic/bass/electric/classical) and you don't come here then you're a fool! A FOOL I SAY!!! This place keeps getting better and better. Get your guitar setup right the first time and come to the Fretted Frog!  Please don't go to guitar center to have your stuff repaired/setup/fixed. You will thank me once you visit this place!

I stopped by after reading a few glowing reviews and I was not disappointed! I really love this place. Roland is a great guy, very friendly, knowledgable, and always takes time to help me find what I need.

I just recently purchased a few used guitars and dropped off two guitars for a setup and a pickup installation. The setup I got was great. Colin, the luthier/repair guy is super helpful and really took the time to take a look at my guitars and to offer his best advice. He's legit! The pickup I wanted wasn't in stock, and in fact they didn't even carry it (K&K Pure Western mini), but they called up K&K, became dealers the next day, and I'm currently just waiting to get my other guitar back from the pickup install! Now that's service!

I'm super stoked to have them here near downtown. Needless to say, I won't be going to guitar center or westla music anymore.

ALSO the prices for setup and pickup install is great! You can't lose here!

If you want honest helpful advice, need a professional setup at a ridiculously great price, or you just want to find some great guitars to check out for your next purchase then do yourself a favor and come to The Fretted Frog!


David V. - Yelp - 12/27/2013 - 5/5

I've been following the fretted frog for a while on the social networking front.  Having just moved to California from virginia, I wished to find a shop that has that small shop feel of some of the shops I frequented around va over the past couple decades.  Well, I have now found that shop.  I took my son with me today on the 30 or so mile voyage from Anaheim hills to Hollywood to the shop.  I was pleased that the parking out front accepted my debit card for the parking fee.  I was welcomed as we entered the door and the staff was super friendly the whole time I was there.  Having numerous high dollar instruments already, I know good sound and action when I experience it.  The products in this shop are really special.  Even the lower end stuff is set up right.  The staff was very accommodating and understanding with me having my son in tow, and they even gave him a sticker when we departed.  I was able to find a really nice hard shell case for my banjitar in stock there, and I also bought some strings.  I can compare my experience here to that of guitar works or metro sound and music in Richmond va.  The leesburg branch of melody music also.  Great products, friendly knowledgeable staff, and a setting similar to that hole in the wall type of alternative guitar shop I feel comfortable in.  Well done fretted frog.



BoPnSpaM K. - Yelp - 2/17/2011- 5/5

I was referred here by my friend Troy L. because they did such an awesome job on his guitars.
So I decided to take my bass in and see if the Colin could set it up for me.

He was able to set everything up with my bass within an hour!  I'm in love with my bass again!

Awesome service - super nice and not pretentious

They've made me a customer for life!


Ben K. - Yelp - 3/15/2012 - 1/5


primarily devoted to acoustic instruments, and I love their selection of guitars and custom instruments. sincerely.

POOR JOB ON REPAIR WORK!! 2 stars for that.

The other day, I took in my acoustic guitar cause it had a crack in the middle from the dryness of the air ,and also minor isuues on here and there.

They charged me around $230. I didn't mind paying at that time, cause I love my acoustic guitar and always wanted to fix it once and for all.
I didn;t expect paying less money to get my guitar fixed. Anyway, their turn-around time was a little slow. but that's fine for me too if someone can do a good job on it.

When I went there to get back my guitar, I felt so miserable.
What they did on my hand-made custom guitar ($$$) turned out a shitty job.
The neck was bent and warped somehow. I asked the guy who fixed it immediately cause I know my guitar, well I have to say, my eye-sight is amazingly good.he was wearing glasses which was out of focus.
and he kept saying everything was good and just the action was low. It was very obvious that the problem was not just because of the action.
Cause I could hear the buzzing sound from almost every fret upper 6th fret.(1st and 2nd strings , 5th and 6th).
When I brought my guitar there, that issue wasn;t even present. I took it in to fill up the crack in the middle and fix a head piece.

While I was waiting for him to take a look at my guitar again, I was just enjoying their $$$ Acoustic guitars and really enjoyed it anyway.

and now he changed my action really high, it was almost joking. To play simple 5th A chord, you need to go to the gym first.Well coundnt even try to play a scale upper 12th cause you literally would bang the frets. I just looked at him laughing
and he said he needed to charge more to change the acoustic bridge piece?
Since I paid, now you just want me to disappear?

His passion to charge more money and how to deal with the problem was very annoying me.  I was expecting more meticulous service from them since they have all great custom guitars.

I was already unsatisfied with how they glue the crack (thick glue to make up the hole and looks worse than before) and one of the headpieces.
Very poor job. I decided that I would never come back here again to fix my guitar.

Seriously I want to ask all those people who gave this place 5 stars on REPAIR WORK that if their instruments became better. Really?
I mean I'm one of Guitar Center haters, cause their don;t know shit about guitar repairs, only reason I might go there is to check out new amps, not to even buy it.
but the guitar tech here is nothing better than that.

I hope that no one gets any more bad service from this place. Especially, if you
have a nice guitar which you adore and think you'll have it with you forever,
I would never recommend to take in your guitar here.

 I would recommend Asken guitars and Eric's Guitar Shop, the best so far.

Neely custom guitars is ok, even thogh he has a bad attitude, he does his job.
Andy Brauer Guitar and Amplifier Repair is so so, bad turn around time.



Colin B. - Yelp - 4/9/2012 - 5/5

Can't say enough about this place.... Read the other reviews and you'll kind of get the picture, but stop in an see for your self and you'll understand how great the service is.



Christopher C. - Yelp - 8/6/2010 - 5/5

First to Review

Awesome guitar shop! They feature hard-to-find acoustics, including my favorite - Boulder Creek! Great luthier who fixed my axe in half a day and for a great price.


Sandrine M. - Yelp - 11/13/2013 - 5/5

Beautiful store with great guitars. The owners are very friendly and the whole staff is competent and helpful. I love the atmosphere of the Fretted Frog : even if you don't play the guitar, it's worth seeing !..



lis B. - Yelp - 6/20/2013 - 5/5

1 check-in

For our daughter's 12th birthday, she wanted a guitar. Best decision to buy her first ever guitar at The Fretted Frog. The peeps there are the nicest and friendliest ever! Ben and Roland were awesome!! We will definitely spread the word!! Thank you!!



Rekah W. - Yelp - 8/21/2013 - 5/5

This store is really lovely and if you're looking to have guitar setup work done this is the spot - my electric guitar was going out of tune really easily and Fretted Frog fixed it up right the first time!



K C. - Yelp - 5/1/2012 - 5/5

1 check-in

really nice guys, really helpful!
basically, what everyone has written about these guys is "for reals."


Luke F. - Yelp - 5/8/2013 - 5/5

I have purchased 2 items from Fretted Frog and both times were great experiences. I purchased the Schertler JAM-150 amp and the LR Baggs Anthem Classical pick up on separate occasions. They have an excellent variety of amps not normally seen at most other guitar stores.  Roland, the manager, gave me an excellent price and even loaned me the floor model while my amp was being ordered. The pick up installation was done by Colin. He did a perfect job of dialing in the amplified natural sound of the guitar.  They have a broad selection of different guitar brands and all of them were well maintained and in great condition. This store has a good vibe.



Steve D. - Yelp - 11/9/2011  5/5

I get a great vibe from this place and the owner, Roland.  Very helpful, great advic, no pressure, and great choice of instruments and good price range.  I would strongly recommend.


Stef L. - Yelp - 9/4/2011 - 5/5

my bf played an acoustic show here, and it was cool. unique high quality  selection of instruments. Great attentive staff. If you're looking for guitar center, this is not the place to go.


Sacha D. - Yelp - 2/12/2011 - 5/5

Impressive shop run by knowledgeable, nice guys.  A very welcome alternative to the corporate retailers in Hollywood.


T L. - Yelp - 12/14/2010 - 5/5

1 check-in

Yay!  Finally the east side has a music store for music nerds who've been driving cross town to McCabes for a hit of old-timey, hometowney, community acoustic music-instrument nerd party shopping.   Total candy for uke, banjo, mandolin & guitar players/enthusiasts. Owner is great, French & friendly! They have a fix-it guy!  Hooray!  Super quick fix to my uke for a fair price.  Love it.


Jascha R. - Yelp - 6/16/2011 - 5/5

This place rocks!  I needed my Taylor to be set up.. showed up at 10:00am.  I was first inline for the day so the guy told me 2 hours... I went next door for a cappuccino and a news paper and they called me back in 45 minutes.  My Taylor plays like a dream! The owner is super cool. He even gave me advice on how to get my guitar on a plane with me. Great place.  I hope they get all the business they deserve.


Charles T E. - Yelp - 11/2/2010 - 5/5

Great addition to the east side. Recently got a complete set up on my taylor and Colin did a great job. I brought it in to drop it off and ended up just playing some guitars and waiting---he finished it in about 35 minutes and now my Taylor sounds better than when I bought it. He seems really knowledgable, and a great asset to the musicians community in Echo Park and Silverlake. Great selection of guitars ranging from Blueridge to Lowden---a wide variety.


Mark M. - Yelp - 10/14/2010 - 5/5

I went into buy strings and commented on some of the guitars that were in the store, and before I knew it the owner was kindly and patiently showing me them and telling me about them. If you're looking for an acoustic guitar this is the place to go. If you're looking for guitar strings for an acoustic, this is the place to go. I'd love to talk more about the place, but at this point I don't know anything other than the owner guy is pretty rad.


Michael M. - Yelp - 4/13/2012 - 5/5

I stumbled across these guys on Yelp and man I was glad I did. I was looking for a quality shop to replace the Nut on my Fender Strat. These guys being an acoustic guitar shop kinda scared me, but when I called and talked to Colin on the phone he totally put me at ease. These guys know what they are doing, and they do it for a good price. The set up they did was awesome, i love playing my strat even more now. Dont hesitate, these guys are good.



Miki C. - Yelp - 9/14/2010 - 5/5

Finally a guitar shop in Echo Park!  The owner really knows his stuff and carries very hard to find instruments.  When you go in, you actually get service by helpful, friendly employees, unlike the bigger chains. It is also comfortable with the plush couches where the lessons are taught.  It is neat to walk by and see music in the making.  They also have open mike night on Saturdays and the first one was a blast with Walter Spencer. Wine and cheese, friendly people, and great music.  My little girl even had a great time dancing all around.  I bought this green little egg-shaped shaker and am saving up to buy a cute little uke!


Rick C. - Yelp - 5/30/2015 - 5/5

I have been a fan of the Fretted Frog since their grand opening . Roland & Colin are always friendly knowledgable and professional. I have had some minor adjustments to a couple of my instruments and am impressed by Colin's work. The reason for this review is share my recent experience at the Fretted Frog. I took in my Republic Resonator guitar and asked Colin if he could make it playable again . I was feeling like jamming some Blues slide. He took it in and called a couple of days later to inform me that the neck was dipping the strings were too high and that he believed that the work should be covered under warranty. I smiled and told him that I bought the guitar 5 yrs ago from Buffalo Bros. Who are now out of business and doubted that it would be covered. He said that he would talk about it with Roland to contact the manufacturer in Texas about the guitar. Yesterday I received a phone call from Colin informing that they have my replacement guitar at the store . I just got home with it and needless to say I'm very excited to have a sweet sounding and playing instrument. I am grateful to the Fretted Frog staff for their extraordinary customer service. They have earned my loyalty for life. Drop by they are incredible and their inventory of instruments is unmatched in Pasadena.


Derek J. - Yelp - 10/9/2014- 5/5

I've been going to these guys for a long time now.  It's about time I write them a great review.  Roland and Colin have helped me so much while I've been learning to play the guitar.  They answer all my questions, and take the time to make sure I understand how to handle my guitar or equipment. They really know their stuff.   I've bought 2 guitars here, both are my favorite.  Roland helped me pick both of them out to compliment my voice, he was spot on.  Colin always does fantastic work on my guitars when I have wanted it.  Just got a pick up done in an acoustic, it sounds fantastic. The store is spacious with walls full of great instruments.  Everything you need as well.  If you want a great acoustic store to call home Fretted Frog is it!


Andy B. - Yelp -4/26/2013- 4/5

I really liked this place.  Was treated well even though I didn't buy anything and had communicated that I was there to just test things out (This is generally when shopowners start to ignore you) but they struck up conversation in helping me figure out what I was looking for.  

Also, they were really good about bringing me different guitars to test, and weren't hesitant in doing so.

They carry Blueridge, which shows their devotion to value and not cost.

Also it's cool to interact with the luthier and owner as opposed to floor salesmen.  They know what's up and will give you their honest insight, not always going for the annoying up-sell.


Tony M. - Yelp - 6/1/2010 - 4/5

This acoustic guitar store just opened up in my neighborhood.  You won't find any Martins or Gibsons; they specialize in harder to find (though still mostly mass produced and relatively affordable) brands.  The space they've created is very pleasant and casual, and the staff was friendly; no used car lot scene like you sometimes get at guitar center, and no snobbiness like you can get at the boutique places on the west side.  When I walked in, they really weren't even officially open yet, but Colin, the repair tech, eagerly agreed to take a break from setting up shop and lower the action on my Larrivee.  I got it back the next morning (though he offered to let me pick it up after only a couple of hours), and he had not only lowered the action to a more playable level, but had also tightened up a loose tuner, replaced the battery for the pickup, and buffed it up to a nice shine. Colin said he had spent time building archtops with James Ellsberry.  I look forward to frequenting what already looks like a great musical addition to the east side.


Sean O. - Yelp - 9/22/2014 - 5/5

This is a beautiful store with a great selection and a very helpful, friendly staff.  No pressure or attitude to be found.  After a few visits to sample several instruments and dozens of beginner-level questions, I made a selection that I'm very happy with.  I am totally confident that they will follow-up with any concerns, adjustments or questions down the road, and they have a terrific trade-in policy.  I also brought in an electric that Colin cleaned up a bit and made some much-needed adjustments.  A very good experience.


Jim L. - Yelp - 8/22/2014 - 5/5

Bought my second guitar from the Fretted Frog. I like them enough to drive the 35 miles to make my purchase.  Love the selection and their policy for trying out the guitars before you buy.  I would highly recommend them


Diana P. - Yelp - 6/29/2014 - 5/5

It was another great experience at The Frog yesterday. I used to go to this store when they were in Echo Park.  I called earlier in the day yesterday looking for a La Patrie nylon guitar and was told they had one.  So I headed over to see about it, and to check out the new store. Roland remembered me right away.  The store has lots of open space and comfortable seating so you can try out a guitar without worrying about banging into something. Lots of gorgeous guitars hanging on the walls to check out. I went in and tried the La Patrie Concert model out and got it for a great price. We did a trade on a case to cap off the deal.  Luthier Colin made some very good adjustments on the nut and bridge too without my even asking - when does this ever happen? Never.

Thank you Roland for another wonderful day at your store!

REVISED 6/22/13:

Once again I had another stellar experience with Roland, proprietor of The Fretted Frog. I was in the market for a La Patrie classical guitar and I came in to try all the models they had. I played several models to my heart''s content. I made up my mine on the little Motif parlor model and returned a few days later to get it. It's a great guitar, and I can trade up if I want something better later. I continue to receive warm and welcome service from Roland and staff and I cannot recommend them enough.

FROM 2012:

I ended up at the Fretted Frog on recommendation from Mark at Godin Guitars.  I had a warranty issue regarding my Seagull S6 and he suggested taking it there.  I had heard of the Frog but had not had the pleasure until today.  I had spoken on the phone with Collin a couple of times to explain the problem w/ the guitar and he was very nice each time.  

So I went in today and Collin inspected the guitar and confirmed a replacement was necessary.   He and Roland (the owner) were extremely friendly and attentive and they put me on the phone w/ Mark at Godin so we could all discuss what needed to be done.   The shop will be shipping my guitar back to Godin and will contact me when my replacement arrives, all this even though I did not purchase the guitar from them.  What great service!  I cannot recommend this shop highly enough and plan to take my other guitars there for maintenance in the future.


Kyle P. - Yelp - 4/6/2014 - 5/5

This place is great: intelligent selection, incredible service, friendly low pressure atmosphere, great pricing and upgrade policy. I had an overall wonderful experience, the next time I buy a guitar I will go here first.

I've been playing for over 10 years on my hand-me-down Yamaha and wanted to finally get a quality acoustic guitar. I don't feel comfortable buying a guitar on eBay and didn't want to drive around town dealing with craigslisters so I decided to go to a guitar store. I've been going to mcabes since I moved to LA and was excited to walk in finally with some real money to spend( I was looking for something less than a thousand dollars). I played a lot of nice guitars and the staff was helpful and friendly as always, also I just love the vibe in there, but I didn't get that electric feeling with anything that was in my price range. I ended up going to most of the highly regarded smaller shops in Losangeles and ended up at the Fretted Frog(I did not even consider going to the guitar center, I hate that place). I fell in love with a small Canadian parlor guitar from a brand I had never heard of but they were knowledgable and completely frank about the guitars manufacture and construction. I bought the guitar and have been extremely happy with it.



Chad T. - Yelp - 4/5/2014 - 5/5

Likely have not had a better shopping experience (for guitars or otherwise) than my two visits to the store in the last 10 days. Visit #1 I bought a sale/clearance guitar and and was very pleased with the friendly help and interaction I received at the time. I brought the guitar back today to have it looked at since I was unhappy with some fret buzz I was experiencing. Ended up walking out with a new replacement model plus a new setup at no extra charge .  Roland and Colin couldn't have been more accommodating and went way above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. Now a huge, huge fan of the Fretted Frog. Only drag is that it's a bit of a hike coming from the westside, but totally worth it.


Mario M. - Yelp - 9/20/2013 - 5/5

I recently purchased a concert size ukulele from here, and I have to say it was a great buying experience. The guy that helped me choose my uke was very helpful and had great customer service. I was not planning on purchasing and uke that day, but just review some options. This guy was so helpful and welcoming that I decided to purchase my uke that day. The rest of the staff their were just as helpful. I would definitely recommend shopping here for you next guitar or ukulele needs. Thanks fretted frog.



Jim P. - Yelp - 3/16/2013 - 5/5

Just bought a Blueridge BR160A. Great guitar, and really professional service at Fretted Frog. Reading the few bad reviews on this page reminds me that there will always be people who can't be satisfied no matter how hard a business tries. I work with the public, and I have come to realize that there are a few nasty people out there just looking for the slightest reason to complain. Those people are unhappy with everything, and can not be satisfied. Roland is the gracious professional, and attempts to sooth these malcontent's issues in his measured replies, but I am just a happy customer, and I am not restrained by the owner's code of conduct. Great job Roland! Keep it up . . .


Tim K. - Yelp - 1/8/2013 - 5/5

It has been a real pleasure buying my guitar from Fretted Frog as an overseas buyer in the UK. The service provided has been first class with fantastic communication all the way through purchase and shipping. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this shop to anyone outside the US looking to buy a specialist guitar.


Luigi T. - Yelp - 1/8/2013 - 5/5

brought in a gibson 1979 sg for a set up once i got it back played like butter thanks great service and price was reasonable


Kat L. - Yelp - 11/8/2012 - 5/5

Collin gave us exceptional customer service.  He thoroughly explained what he thought he could do to make my guitar more comfortable to play, and he did it in less than 2 days and at a very reasonable price.  I would highly recommend this shop to anyone.


Jonathan C. - Yelp - 10/23/2012 - 5/5

this place is the best, i bought my acoustic here 2 years ago and am still amazed! thank you for honest local friendly service. thanks for restringing and setting up my guitar!


Carlos E. - Yelp - 3/27/2012 - 5/5

No lie, one of the best guitar shops around!!! I recently bought a Cole Clark FL2AC from here and it has been one of the greatest items I have ever purchased. Roland was really great extending my lay-away after I was denied credit, and was always very helpful and knowledgeable. The day I went to pick up my guitar he stayed open later for me (6:30 and they close at 6) because I was driving from Long Beach, that's amazing costumer service. If you're looking for hard to find guitars or dislike going to the big name stores then The Fretted Frog is the place. I will be a costumer for years to come thanks to the great service. Great job Roland and Colin!!

Dusty S. - Yelp - 3/13/2012 - 5/5

This is a wonderful neighborhood guitar shop whose owner, Roland, a French dude, is both very welcoming and laid back and also super helpful. They have great deals and also are open to letting people just come and try stuff out. There's no pressure to buy anything and the place actually really serves a roll as a community gathering place for people who play guitar, banjo, and ukulele.
Love this place. Also, you can take lessons here with topnotch teachers, private, and very reasonably priced.

Beth  S. - Yelp - 8/8/2011 - 5/5

I was having problems finding a quality leftie cutaway and had tried both GC and SA.  The Takamine I bought had fret buzz and SA's idea of service was an exchange with another one which was hardly better, but just in another way. I had a Taylor on order for months only to have it come in with poor setup (shipped from another GC) with a broken sting, slack neck tension , etc. They could not get it right...

I read the reviews for the Fretted Frog and went back in try some guitars and talk to Roland and Colin. I liked a Lag TL300DCE and took the plunge as I knew these guys had my back covered. It played like a dream but some week later a fret or two dislodged and I took it in for for touch up fret leveling. Unfortunately Colin determined the core problem was the frets, some rare seating issue, and in short order a replacement came in and was gone over with a fine tooth comb.

Well, some months have gone by and I have to say this instrument is stable, and plays nicely.   The sound is great and even more amazing through the onboard "Studio LagfPlus"  when amplified.

I'm quite impressed with the Fretted Frog. Quality instruments for sale with great design touches not found in the big box stores, people who you can talk to who know what they are doing and who have genuine interest in the business, the customers and a passion for music and instruments and who go the extra mile in service and act like the owner/operators they are, not like store clerks.

Roland and Colin, you are a great service to the guitar community and i love my instrument and your place. Now just find me a nylon string in the same class as my steel string Lag!

Lee A. - Yelp - 7/18/2011 - 5/5

After reading all the great reviews, I decided to drive across town to get my acoustic guitar set up.  Their luthier Colin did a great job, and had it done within a few hours!  The people at Fretted Frog are friendly, knowledgeable and service-oriented.  I will definitely be back!

Daniel G. - Yelp - 6/4/2010 - 5/5

When i first walked in to the fretted frog i was happy the space was put to good use. Most employees in music shops (particularly sam ash and guitar center in hollywood) wouldn't take a kid serious meaning that they wouldn't help them out as much as an adult. The Fretted Frog is a warm store that just opened up right next to Echo Park Film Center they have a very relaxed and "SUPER CHILL" place! There's even a couch for music lovers to sit and talk about music. This place is for anybody that wants to have a good time!!!

Melari S. - Google - Nov 2015 - 5/5

I'm a beginner with guitar and I recieved the most helpful information and assistance here! I brought my guitar in to have trings replaced and tuned. They were efficient and the price was reasonable. I loved it!!

Madeleine F. - Google -  Nov 2015  - 5/5

Super great store-Nice staff, friendly & helpful! My husband was like a kid in a candy store haha!

Shohei F. - Yelp - Nov 2015 - 5/5

I found really nice guitar here. It was not Gibson, Martin or Taylor, unknown brand to me but thanks to this shop, I could find what I have been looking for. The shop is located at peaceful place and people are very nice.

Steve B. - Google - Sep 2015 - 5/5

Great place, great service and staff. The owner was there to greet me as I drove up from the OC. I was in a bit of a hurry and they were fast and accommodating. I drove away with the guitar I wanted at a fair price. Very happy to have had a place to buy a guitar that is not Guitar Center or Sam Ash. If you know what I mean? Go see this place great selection of acoustic guitars. 10 out of a 10.

Adam R. - Google - Aug 2015 - 5/5

These guys have a pretty good selection of left handed acoustics. The only left handed twelve string I've ever seen was in this store and they set it up and gave me a great deal on it - also, every year you get a free setup on an instrument you buy from them! The staff was nice and non bothersome like some stores might be, and as a minority lefty I really appreciated their effort to cater to left handers. I highly recommend them.

Tom S. - Google - Apr 2015 - 5/5

Love this place. Great source of unusual instruments. And they have Wegan picks!!! Great service too.

Kevin K. - Google - 2013 - 5/5

I first discovered The Fretted Frog when I was searching for a shop to do some work on a cheap, nearly unplayable banjo (which had been set up terribly by another shop). I was greeted pleasantly by the owner and the technician, and the tech walked me through the basics of what he would need to do to restore the instrument to a playable state. The price was very reasonable (cheaper than the shop that had ruined it in the first place), was ready the next day, and played well through the entire neck (in tune with no buzz) when I picked it up. After that success, I decided to bring in one of my guitars to be set up as a high strung guitar. Again, the experience was excellent. The rate was more than fair, he had it done the next day, and it sounded great. During every visit, I spent a long time exploring their selection of acoustic guitars and banjos. They have a lot of excellent instruments (they are primarily a Gold Tone dealer for banjos, and carry a wide selection of the Godin lines of guitars - Godin, Art & Lutherie, Seagull, La Patrie, and Simon & Patrick - in addition to other, mostly unique instruments), and all seemed to be set up quite well before being placed on the floor. They were happy to answer any questions I had, but I never felt pressured or unwelcome (even after spending a couple of hours playing almost everything in the store). If you're looking for a particular model that they don't have, be sure to ask them about the possibility of ordering one for you. I requested a quote on a particular Gold Tone model, and the price they quoted me was a LOT lower than the internet prices I had found, and included a set up. Overall, The Fretted Frog is my personal favorite music shop. I trust them enough that I'm about to bring them my Martin for a bit of work (a general set up and some re-gluing on the binding). I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Los Angeles area.

Yon R. - Google - 2012 - 5/5

If you want service after the sale, and before, shop with these guys. I purchased a guitar from them online, and they could not have been more caring, responsive, attentive or informative. Roland provided dozens of photographs, described the playability honestly, and shipped the guitar promptly. They offered a trial on the guitar. The after sales inquires demonstrated that they actually care whether or not you are happy with what you got. How cool is that? I am really very impressed with their work ethic and ethos. It's great to shop with real, live, honest humans. The instrument sounds that much better because of the shop. Thanks guys, Yon

Noel K. - Google - 2014 - 5/5

Great guitars with brands that are hard to find. Roland is very knowledgable and helpful.

Scott M. - Google - 2013 - 5/5

Just perfect. An acoustic lovers' dream. Awesome employees too.

Blake M. - Google - 2013 - 5/5

Magical! Go there!

Juan J. - Google - 2013 - 5/5

I have been looking for a guitar in several places, and also getting some information on the internet but this guys give you a service not try to sell you and instrument, they give you honest advice and the prices I believe are very fear, so after a month of looking for an instrument I already make up my mind for one in their store. I really recommend this place not matter if you are a beginner or a pro, they have decent instruments for every budget. Thank you Guys.

Michael G. - Facebook - 08/28/2015 - 5/5

Colin and Roland are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, patient, non-pushy and provide a rare experience that few shops or large stores can. A wide selection of instruments and accessories. The place looks small but there's a lot going on in there. The repair service is fast and reliable.

Tertia M. - Facebook - 05/17/2015 - 5/5

We stumbled on The Fretted Frog by chance after an endless search for the perfect guitar. Visiting your store is an experience itself - unique, welcoming and a wonderful reflection of your commitment to artistry. Thank you Roland for your patience and expert service. We will definitely recommend you to others. Claude is a happy man!

Ixtacoyotl P. - Facebook - 12/24/203 - 5/5

Great in all sense of vibe and makes you feel at home and allows you to feel for the right guitar, I found a beautiful studio lag that I just had to have I have now grown attached to it and have named it shadow (after my dog), the best buy I have made, as well as the owner is very knowledgeable and nice, always great to do business with these guys.

Steve F. - Facebook - 09/07/2013 - 5/5

I recently stopped by this store PRIMARILY due to all the pics & likes on Facebook. Have to say that I was NOT disappointed. The staff was so friendly and helpful unlike some of those guys at larger chain stores that when you ask a question it seems like your bothering them unless your buying a big ticket item. They have a really cool collection of guitars & ukes. I am in the market to buy an acoustic guitar amp and although the one I really wanted was a bit out of my price range the guys were very helpful nevertheless. I will totally recommend this place!

Rich B. - Facebook - 09/27/2014 - 5/5

I have had two repairs and the on site Luthier, Collin, is very knowledgable and talented. All the service on my acoustics are going to the Fretted Frog. The owner, Roland, is great and customer service is clearly their motto. A great selection of fretted products. Well worth a visit if you are in the area or not.

Jim L. - Facebook - 03/10/2014 - 5/5

This is a unique little store. I thoroughly enjoyed purchasing my LAG T66D12 string from them. Definitely the best little guitar store out there. The LAG was setup perfectly and sounded wonderful. I don't see how they can make a guitar that sounds this good for so little money. I got to give a big thumbs up for the Fretted Frog, will be my go to music store from now on.

John L. - Facebook - 12/29/2014 - 5/5

Got my 2 Taylors expertly set up. Fast turnaround, very reasonable cost, and super nice folks running the joint.

Keith F. - Facebook - 11/01/2014 - 5/5

Thank you Roland and Collin for the excellent work on my guitar! Glad to have her back and playing.

Patrick S. - Facebook - 11/07/2013 - 5/5

Hot Doggity Dog! Check Out The Fretted Frog! Check Out The Instruments Galore! In This Alternative Acoustic Guitar Store!

Angel S. - Facebook - 2/06/2013 - 5/5

Such Beautyfull arey of all sorts of Guitar's I will have 2 go visit Ur store next I am near there, I go near Ur Place quiet often, Beautyfull Crafsmenship.

Todd H. - Reverb- 07/14/2015 - 5/5

Very honest and straight forward. Answered all my questions promptly. Package arrived safe and fast, and was exactly as described, just needed minor adjustments because of climate change. Very happy.

Ron J. - Facebook - 05/20/2015 - 5/5

I dealt with Roland Belloir of the Fretted Frog. He was helpful, honest and fair. Once we had agreed on a price and terms, The Fretted Frog processed the transaction immediately. I received my guitar packed securely and in good shape. The guitar was exactly as represented, if not a little better. I received great value from this transaction and I have nothing but good things to say about Roland and the Fretted Frog.

Steven P. - Reverb - 05/14/2015 - 5/5

Extremely professional. Quick Ship. Guitar is mint. I saved a ton of $. Thank you!!!!!


* We have a couple of 2 and 1 star not showing: none of these people answered to  me when I tried to contact them to have a better understanding of their experience. You can still find some of them on the web but I don't want to give credit to people who spend 5mn in our store, take some time to write a review but don't take 1mn to answer to me. I prefer to stick with actual customers who had lessons, repairs or bought something from us. One thing I can confirm: we are not a Guitar Center and don't let a supermarket vibe happening in our store. 







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